30. Nov 2014, kurz vorm MittagBikes

Probably not very surprisingly, my new found hobby resulted in some serious investment. Both, time-wise as money-wise. I ended up having three bikes, a couple of bike-specific equipment (clothing, shoes, tools, …) and learned a lot about maintaining and repairing a bike. Putting three bikes to a bike shop for every repair or maintenance would become costly – and I like to do stuff myself anyway ;-)

These are my three bikes: my good old 1996 Cannondale F700 CAAD3. Still in excellent condition although I had to exchange some parts over the years. Now mainly used during winter, and equipped with winter tires. My allround, custom-built 2012 ROSE Cross Pro RS, a light-weight, race-level bike made suitable for daily work commute and longer bike tours. And, last but not least, my 2013 GHOST Race 5000. A tribute to my ambitions for amateur races such as the Garmin Velothon, and a fun to ride on a sunny Sunday on even roads and bike ways.

Cannondale F700 CAAD3 1996

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Mein 1996 Cannondale F700 CAAD3 - ein Klassiker


28. Nov 2014, nachmittagsCyclemania

In my last post I wrote about my journey to the “slim me” and which crucial part cycling had. Being the son of a Statistician and as a trained Controller I could not help but track and analyze all my bike rides. Easy to recognize in the chart below: the dynamics of the bet with my colleague in the year 2012 (March – September) :-)

Monatliche Kilometer auf dem Rad 2011 - 2014

Eine Übersicht der gefahrenen Radkilometer für die letzten Jahre


22. Nov 2014, vorm Aufstehen Before – After

Approximately 2,5 years ago I started a very interesting journey. A journey I should have take much earlier… but hey, you are always smarter afterwards. The journey to the “thinner me”. A famous sculptor (Michelangelo?) is said to have said once “Every sculpture is already there, I just need to get rid of the unneeded stone surrounding it.” Others say, there is a thin person hidden in every fat one, he/she just needs to come out. Well, THAT exactly isn’t that easy, it is actually damn hard.

For me, it was the combination of changing my nutrition (thanks, LowCarb, Atkins and most of all, my colleague Martina who introduced it to me) and this crazy biking bet (thanks, Stephan!) which lead to sustainable success.

And here it is, the direct comparison. March 2012 (Adobe Summit, Salt Lake City, UT) vs. July 2014 (Searchmetrics Visibility_14, Chicago, IL)

Martin Scholz im Juli 2014

Martin auf dem Fotoshooting während der Searchmetrics Visibility_14 in Chicago, Juli 2014

Martin Scholz März 2012

Martin auf dem Fotoshooitng während des Adobe Summits in Salt Lake City, März 2012


29. Oct 2011, kurz vorm MittagTime is running fast…

Today I want to publish a new blog post, finally! Well, even if you read this at the time of publishing, it’s been more than one month since I wrote this lines. Why? Because the family portrait which is the reason for this posting is a birthday present to my dad. While now, when I am writing these lines, is the 26th of September, his b-day party will be on 29th of October only. So I will use WordPress’ publishing time feature to get this article live while we are partying with him in approximately one month time.

Well, what else should I say with regards to the picture… what else than “Time is running fast…”. Because this one feels like it was taken yesterday.


23. Apr 2011, kurz nach dem MittagFahrradrunde mit Caching

Cannondale F700
Taken at binomsc@hazienda

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03. Sep 2010, kurz vorm MittagGood night…

There was a German Schlager about a lady who never went to bed without a book. Well, same with Nadja. Every evening we read a book before she goes to bed. Recently, Malte joined the ritual. With full engagement, as you can see. :-)

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03. Sep 2010, kurz vorm MittagMalte on the Green

Just a quick snapshot of Malte from last weekend. We spent it with the whole (huge!) family of my wife somewhere in Baitz, a small village in Brandenburg near Berlin. As you can see, Malte loved the green. And enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Just as we did!

10. Jul 2010, kurz vorm MittagDas erste Mal – heute: Malte isst Brei

(5219 KB)
Watch on posterous

Okay, it happened already some days ago, but only now I use posterous to blog it quickly via email ;-)

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09. Jul 2010, kurz vorm FeierabendWordPress, Facebook, Twitter. And now posterous, too?

I am running two blogs: http://www.scholz-familie.de and http://www.binomsc.com While the first is clearly dedicated to my personal life, my family and friends, the second shows a bit about me profession, my job, my projects. During the last months I experience a lack of updates – I simply do not take the time for updating them regularly. I rather share my thoughts via twitter (and, thus it is connected via API) on facebook. My best friend told me some time ago “Well, I did not call because I read all your news on twitter, and there was nothing happening here worth telling…”

However, sometimes 140 letters are not enough for me.

And it looks I am not the only one, because several twitter guys I am following update frequently using a service called posterous. I was watching it for several months (I stumpled upon it soon after it’s original launch). Finally, today I decided to test it myself. Mainly after reading this http://blog.dustincurtis.com/i-dont-laugh-at-startup-ideas-anymore. Let’s see how it fits between Twitter and WordPress.

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03. May 2010, abendsMalte likes spring time

Time still flies by. :) Meanwhile the little one is  5 months old already. He lies on his belly. He turns – conciously, even if not co-ordinated yet. And he is laughing. If the sun shines, spring is turning everything green again and he can enjoy the fresh air on the balcony, he is smiling at his best. And we are smiling, too…


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